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    Is it good for girls to do MBA in marketing?

    Is marketing branch is best for girls or not?

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    Re: Is it good for girls to do MBA in marketing?

    m really intrested in marketing..... right nw m in 2nd year and third year we have to opt for a specialization... i feel HR is a very stagnant job..while marketing is a very intresting field...In marketing you come to knw market,s demand everything... plz help what i should select..? and yes I totally disagree the genderdiscrimination.... that marketing is not good for girls and boys its very good and all... I trust in myself and have total faith... still I need your suggestion as to avoid future risk..

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    Re: Is it good for girls to do MBA in marketing?

    MBA in Marketing is one of the best job for girl, its is cz most of the girl think that marketing is only for boys. one thing i want want to clear that there is different between Sales and marketing , plz dnt get confuse . when its come to marketing only few girl s opt for marketing job , and there is always demand for girl in marketing field. So go for it dnt think ,if you want to grow fast as compare to other i will recommend you for MBA marketing but one condition is there that you should be smart to handle customer on that company

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    Re: Is it good for girls to do MBA in marketing?

    Yes of course.

    There is no such limitation that only boys have to do marketing jobs.

    Even girls also can do.

    Infact, companies are trying to go through girls for marketing to attract customers.

    Marketing will be involved in number of industries.

    Choose the industry first to do marketing.

    and then go a head.

    all the best.

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