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    Fee structure for MBA courses?

    Dear Sir,

    Please give the details of fee structure of MBA course.

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    Re: Fee structure for MBA courses?

    Dear Student,

    Fee Structure for MBA becomes varying on the basis of colleges and university there is no any standard for deciding of fee pattern

    Moreover,Government Offer MBA in the range of 1 Lakh To 2 Lakh
    where as there is no limit of fee charges by private MBA colleges it will from 2 Lakh to 12 lakhs also so,it is more costlier

    So,I Would like to suggest you to go for MBA in the colleges who offering entrance test like,,,


    For Other Things,please
    Reply Back
    Best Of Luck

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    Re: Fee structure for MBA courses?


    Fees for 2years MBA course largely varies from college to college. For your better understanding I have segregated colleges in three different category, please read below:

    HIGH , 10-15 Lakhs
    Some of the best B-schools in country charge students from 10 lakhs upto 15 lakhs for 2 years MBA course, Some of these colleges are:

    Indian institute of Management (almost every), XLRI, IIPM and so on.

    MEDIUM, 5-10 Lakhs,
    The colleges that fall under this category are:

    Indian business school, Dalmia college, ITM and so on.

    LOW , Upto 5lakhs,
    Though some of these colleges charge really low fees for 2 y ears full time MBA but also promises a good future:

    FMS, Delhi,, JBIMS, S.P Iain institute. and so on

    NOTE: By High, Medium and Low does not mean the grades/Accreditation of any college, it is with reference to the fees theses different colleges charge.


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    Re: Fee structure for MBA courses?

    Here I am giving the fee structure of some institute


    Rs 14.4 lakh
    IIM Bangalore Rs 13 lakh
    IIM Calcutta
    Rs 13.5 lakh
    IIM Lucknow Rs 8 lakh
    IIM Kozhikode Rs 10 lakh
    IIM Indore
    Rs 12 lakh
    IIM Indore Rs 12 lakh
    IIM Shillong Rs 10 lakh
    IIM Rohtak Rs 9 lakh
    IIM Jaipur Rs 9 lakh
    IIM Ranchi
    Rs 9 lakh
    IIFT Rs 10 lakh
    FMS Rs 21,000 (approx)
    SPJIMR Rs 8.7 lakh
    XLRI Rs 12 lakh
    XIMB Rs 7.8 lakh

    Thank you,,

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    Re: Fee structure for MBA courses?

    Dear Aspirant ,

    The Fees structure for MBA course in different institutions will vary according to the type of institution . It will depending on the quality & reputation of the Institutions .

    In India there are more than 16 ,000 Business schools which have their own Fees structure .

    The fess for MBA inside the country ranges from RS. 2 lakhs to around RS.13 Lakhs.

    Thus there exists a large variation of Fees structure for the MBA COURSE.

    THANK YOU ..!!

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    Smile Re: Fee structure for MBA courses?

    Re: Fee structure for MBA courses?

    Hi friend,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!
    It's always a treat and fun to answer your queries.
    I also appreciate the confidence that you have shown in us!

    Please check out the image that I have attached.
    This will give you a complete idea of Fee structure.

    I hope I have answered all your doubts.
    It was a pleasure answering your queries.
    Hope that you'll come up with some more challenging queries!
    Till then,take care.

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