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    Expected salary after MBA?

    how much salary I may get after mba. I am poor and investing money for mba

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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?

    Dear friend,in India there are 70% of people are coming from miidle class family so don't dissapointed.if you are a good student and honest then nobody can stop you.And now MBA is a dynamic sector because many new companies are opening and if you are selected in a good college then your carrier will fantastic.so go for MBA and don't woorried about money because there are many Banks are provide loan for studies.and the expected salary of a MBA student is 20000-100000 or above.god bless you.

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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?

    Salary will vary from job to job.
    Its not fixed
    Salary also varies from the college your are studying
    In TOP MBA colleges like IIM average annual salary that student are offered is around 10 lakhs per annum
    But there are MBA colleges where students gets salary of around rs 2 lakhs per annum

    Also to get a good placement in good company and also very good salary you have to make sure that:
    >> You do MBA from a good college
    >> College should have good placement record
    >> Colleges should have good faculty
    >> Your communication skills in English should be excellent
    >> Your Presentation skills should be good
    >> Your subject knowledge should be excellent

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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?


    Salary always depends on the base of experience and the post on which you are appointed
    The expected salary after MBA 3 lacs to 4 Lacs per Annum.

    Best of luck,

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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?


    You should complete your Course So , you have minimum salary expected is 40000 up

    >> But you are not Properly complete your MBA so you have to minimum salary 15000 Per month

    >> So you good news is your MBA is best then Other course So you have complete your MBA properly So your salary you have 25000 Minimum,

    >> So you need then Better course And bettor career you have to selected

    >> I hope this information are more useful

    That's it


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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?

    [h=2]Expected salary after MBA?[/h]Hi,

    Expected salary after the MBA is fully depends on your personal skills and your college, where you have completed your MBA. Many companies wants to select the employee from better university.

    Starting salary after the completion of MBA is about Rs. 20,000/month and depends on organization where you are joining.

    All the Best

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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?


    The expected salary after MBA minimium Rs.2 lacs to 6 lacs per annum.

    All the best.............

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    Re: Expected salary after MBA?

    Hello Friend ,

    The salary of MBA will usually depends on a company where you are working , and also specialization that you have taken with MBA degree . See if you get a good job

    with a good designation then obviously your salary will be much higher , whereas working in a low profile company with not in a good position then your salary will be low .

    Generally completing MBA from IIM's institute , candidates may expect a salary of 50,000 per month , and also salary may increase depending upon your capability and

    your work , experience and salary may increase upto 8.5 lac whereas doing MBA from average business school ,candidates may expect a salary of 25,000 per month and

    it may increase upto 2.5 lac .


    * * TCS

    * * WIPRO

    * * INFOSYS

    * * SYNTEL

    * * DELL

    * * HCL


    * * CMC

    * * ORACLE

    * * HDFC BANK

    * * IFOTECH

    * * CSC

    * * MAHINDRA etc ....

    As you have said that you are poor , and you cannot afford so much of money for MBA course , i would like to give you one suggestion that is , go for education loan , institute provides you this option , as soon as you get the job after MBA then you can pay the loan money to the bank . .

    hope it helps

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