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    Eligibility for SET exam after MBA in Marketing and exam dates for the same?

    i hav done my mba marketing. i am interested in giving NET & SET. please give me the dates. i checked out subjects in SET but marketing is not there. so can i give SET if yes which subject shuld i opt for.

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    Re: Eligibility for SET exam after MBA in Marketing and exam dates for the same?


    You can give SET OR NET exam as you are MBA in marketing and hence you are a post graduate and that is why you are fulfilling all the criteria which are required for the admission. In specific marketing is not a subject and you have to choose management and then only you can fulfill your dream to become a lecturer.

    The course for marketing is as follows ;-
    1. Marketing – Concept; Nature and Scope; Marketing myopia; Marketing mix; Different environments and their influences on marketing; Understanding the customer and competition.
    2. Role and Relevance of Segmentation and Positioning; Static and Dynamic understanding of BCG Matrix and Product Life Cycle; Brands – Meaning and Role; Brand building strategies; Share increasing strategies.
    3. Pricing objectives; Pricing concepts; Pricing methods.
    4. Product – Basic and Augmented stages in New Product Developments
    5. Test Marketing Concepts.
    6. Promotion mix – Role and Relevance of advertising Sales promotion – media planning and management.
    7. Advertising – Planning, execution and evaluation.
    8. Different tools used in sales promotion and their specific advantages and limitations.
    9. Public Relations – Concept and Relevance.
    10. Distribution channel hierarchy; Role of each member in the channel; Analysis of business potential and evaluation of performance of the channel members.
    11. Wholesaling and Retailing – Different types and the strengths of each one; Emerging issues in different kinds of retailing in India.
    12. Marketing Research – Sources of Information; Data Collection; Basic Tools used in Data Analysis; Structuring a Research Report.
    13. Marketing to Organizations – Segmentation Models; Buyer behavior models; Organizational, buying process.
    14. Consumer Behavior theories and models and their specific relevance to marketing managers.
    15. Sales Function – Role of technology in automation of sales function Customer relationship management including the concept of ‘Relationship Marketing’.
    16. Use of internet as a medium of marketing; Managerial issues in reaching consumers / organization through internet.
    17. Structuring and managing marketing organizations.
    18. Export Marketing – Indian and global context.

    All the best

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    Re: Eligibility for SET exam after MBA in Marketing and exam dates for the same?

    I h'v done my MBA in Operation. I am interested in giving NET & SET.
    Am I eligible for those exam, if yes then which subject shuld i opt for

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