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    Difference between regular and distance MBA?

    i am in job and i am interested to know difference in distance and regular mba

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    Re: Difference between regular and distance MBA?

    Dear Friend,

    Distance MBA:

    MBA study is done through distance mode. Many universities offer MBA degree with distance education. Here, study materials are sent to the students through mail or courier and students study with those study package. Examination are usually taken online in this case. It gives flexibility to the students in terms of course duration as well study timings. This is also less costly.

    But, the importance of distance MBA is much lesser than regular or in-campus MBA. Here, you get the theoretical knowledge and degree but very less practical knowledge.

    Choose this option only if you can't afford the time and money for regular MBA because many companies don't even recognize this degree.

    Regular MBA:

    Regular MBA is the normal MBA that is done in the colleges. You need to fully devote your time and pay more money for the course. But, in return there is awesome reward also. You will get so many job opportunities with handsome salary after completing regular course. You will have very good theoretical as well as practical knowledge also.

    All the best.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Difference between regular and distance MBA?

    Both Distance MBA and Regular MBA can be done in minimum 2 years time
    Only Difference between the two is that in Regular MBA you have to attend the college daily and give the exams, presentations etc
    It will be a full time course
    You cannot do anything during these two years apart from studying MBA Course

    But in Distance MBA you can study and also continue with your Job
    In the Distance MBA classes are held normally on weekends on in the evenings
    You have to write assignments on each subjects
    You have to appear in the Written exams which are held normally two times each year

    Regular MBA helps in getting good jobs if MBA is done from a reputed College

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