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    Difference between Public Administration & Public Management?


    1.Differncee between public admnistration and public m,angemen

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    Source: http://entrance-exam.net/forum/general-discussion/difference-between-public-administration-public-management-functions-public-management-206546.html#ixzz1PAePKd20

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    Re: Difference between Public Administration & Public Management?

    Hello Friend ,

    Differences between Public Administration & Public Management are as Follows :-

    public_logo.gif administration_logo.jpg
    ' PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION is the Action part of the Government , the means by which the purposes and Goals of Government are Realized ' .

    public_logo.gif 2464932-3d-colour-boxes-with-text--management-word.jpg

    'PUBLIC MANAGEMENT is a term that considers that Government and Non -Profit Administration resembles Private sector Management in Some important ways ' .

    ***THANK YOU ***

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    Re: Difference between Public Administration & Public Management?

    Dear Candidate,

    Here are answers to Your Query:

    In Detailed These Are differentiated as below written criteria:

    • Public Administration defined as both a field of study as well as profession Where as,
      • Public management looks closely at the-implementation of policies,Procedures and Actions of Administration in the light of Management in private and non profit sectors
    • Administration is most often concerned with determination Goals,Objectives and Purpose While, Management function to achieve the goals set by the administration
    • Administration usually a Top Level Authority Where as,
      • Management usually a Middle Level Authority
    • Administration has a long been connected with Government office,military organizations or education organization While,
      • Management Has Been connected with Business Enterprises in the private or non-profit sectors
    • Administration traditionally seen as making decisions based on Politics,Public Opinion or Government Policies Where as,
      • In Case of management It Seen as making decisions Based on Opinion of Manager or Value to bottom Profits
    • Administration Handles the business of the Organization While,
      • Management Handles the Relationships among Employees

    Additionally I Have Attached PDF for some kind of additional views I Hope You Find Out It In Helpful Way of Information

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