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    Difference between MBA in Hospital Administration and MBA in health care management?

    difference between MBA in hospital administration and MBA in health care management

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    Re: Difference between MBA in Hospital Administration and MBA in health care management?


    If we here to explain about the difference between Hospital Administration and Health Care Management, it is very
    clear that in Hospital Administration, the subject will cover about more deeply on General and Business Administration
    and Management of Hospitals etc.

    But in health care management the health care policy and its application in real-time is taught more in-depth and they
    will teach the students on how to improve the health care and its delivery aspects. But unlike the Hospital Administration
    they focus more on an hospital's general administration and HR aspects too.

    Hope you must have understood the basic difference, though it is not very significant, as the type of students will always
    differ from the Health Care Administration to Hospital Administration and the person who wants to take Health care Administration
    needs to have good exposure in the health care related issues more clearly, they can be either medical doctors, Nurses etc normally
    opt for this course. And Hospital Administration is since a general subject any graduate can undergo.

    best of luck..

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