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    Difference between Domestic & International Business Management?

    what is the difference between domestric and interational business

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    Re: Difference between Domestic & International Business Management?

    Dear Candidate,

    Here Is The Answer To Your Query:
    1. International Business(I.B.)is Extension of Domestic Business(D.B)and Marketing Principles Remain Same Where As,
      • Domestic Business(D.B.)Only Follows Marketing Principle
    2. In Case Of I.B.Conducts And Selling Procedures Changes Where As,
      • It Remain Unaltered For D.B
    3. Long Distances Hence More Transaction Time Where As,
      • In D.B.Quick Business Is Possible
    4. MNCs Have Perfected Principles,Procedures and Practices at International Level Where As,
      • It Is Not The Case With D.B.
    5. Global Standardization Where As,
      • No Such Advantage in D.B.
    6. High Volume Cost Advantage Where As,
      • For D.B.Only After New Methods Implementation
    7. Large Companies Enjoys Benefit of Experience Curve Where As,
      • In D.B.It Is Possible By Collaborative
    8. Differences is Customs and Cultural Factors Where As,
      • No Such Differences In D.B.
    9. Global Business Seeks to Create New Values and Global Brand Image Where As,
      • No Such Advantage With D.B.
    10. I.B.Have To Face Trade Restriction Practices Where As,
      • D.B.Has Not Face Such Restrictions

    I Hope Above Information Will Help You To Direct You-self In Proper Way For Career Perspective View
    Have a Nice Time

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