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    Details about online BBA from US?

    Dear All

    I have completed 3 year Diploma in Computer Science after my 12th (10 2 3). I got a good job immediately after the Diploma because of IT boom in India. After working 5-6 years I started realising the need to have MBA to get higher position in organisation. There were not many options available as not having bachelor degree. I decided to go with PGDBA from symbiosis center for distance learning as they are allowing Diploma with 5 year of experience. So I completed that but it didn't help much as there is not much value in India for MBA done via distance learning.

    Now I am thinking of doing MBA from reputed institute from India or abroad. As I am not having bachelor degree so again option are very limited. I am thinking of doing a BBA from distance learning (ICFAI or any other institute) first and then look for an MBA. I am not sure if all the reputed institute in India or abroad consider the bachelor degree from distance learning. Again in US they consider the 4 year bachelor degree so not sure how BBA will be helpful here as it's 3 year degree.

    I am also thinking of doing online BBA from US so that I will get 4 year degree and will help to pursue the MBA from reputed institute later. But this option looks very expensive.

    Pls advice what are the best options for me here. Thanks in advance for your help here.


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    Re: Details about online BBA from US?

    Online education is equal to traditional schools because it offers the same quality of degrees, but online BBA from reputed business Schools offer degrees with more advantages like: you can study wherever and whenever you are free-at home any time. The best advantages of this online business study are that you can continue your present job and you also donít have to sacrifice your income to get a degree.
    Online business school suggests the same courses that traditional school suggests. The status of earning the degree is same, they are equal, and the value of degrees remains same which are earned in the traditional schools. The minimum criterion for studying BBA through online education is (10+2) level and the admission criterion vary differently in different institutes. The institute requires you to have a percentage ranging from 45 to 50 depending on the institutes.
    The BBA degrees earned from an online business school may qualify you for entrance-level in a small business or a large corporation. The online BBA degree of these institutes, introduces its students with the latest skills, and also provides them with the knowledge to meet the challenges of higher management.
    The degree obtained from doing online BBA from these colleges will lead you to new level of management and provide you more satisfying level and new opportunity in the organization. Degrees of business from an online college or university, its knowledge can provide success in the field of accounting, management, and risk management in large and small companies and also in many other fields.

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