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    Details about MBA in E-Business?

    What is MBA in e-BUsiness?

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    Re: Details about MBA in E-Business?

    Hello Friend,

    I appreciates you, Finally I find an Interesting person. Really you are interesting my friend as you are different from other and you are also interested in an exciting and a nice field.
    I surely wants to meet you somewhere.

    Now coming to your question what is E- Business ?

    E- Business

    E-Business stands for Electronic Business. E- Business is essentially the Business carried out through electronic means. It utilizes the internet technology to increase the productivity or profitability of a business mostly through sales and service which are offered to the client through web pages.

    E-Business is an effective tool for Business Development which allows profitable Business of Companies.

    Courses offered in this field :----------------

    1. Bachelor Degree in E-Business Management

    2. Bachelor of science in E- Business

    3. MBA in E-Business

    4. MBA in E- Commerce

    5. Master of Science in E-Commerce

    6. Post Graduation Diploma in E-Commerce

    Basic Eligibility for this course :-----------

    1. Must be Under Graduate with minimum 3 year duration course.

    2. Minimum 50% Marks are required in UG Course.

    3. No Age Limit

    Specialization of this field :--------------------

    1. E-Business Security

    2. Customer Care

    3. Purchase

    4. Logistic

    5. Sales

    6. After Sales Services

    Jobs available in this Field :----------------

    1. E- Business Consultant

    2. Database Administrator

    3. Supply Chain Manager

    4. Business Analyst

    5. Project Manager

    6. Web Developer

    7. Consultant

    8. Team Leader

    9. Customer Relation Manager

    10. Electronic Banking

    Best Institutes of India Providing this course :--------------------

    1. Indian Institutes of Management

    2. Indian Institutes of Technology

    3. Indian Institutes of Information Technology

    4. National Institutes of Technology

    5. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

    6. Symbiosis Institute of Management

    7. Institute of Advance Network Technology

    8. Faculty of Management

    9. Attitude Management Academy

    10. Birla Institute of Technology


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    Re: Details about MBA in E-Business?

    [h=2]Details about MBA in E-Business:-[/h]hello dear
    [h=2]MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business[/h]
    MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business has gained immense popularity with growing interest in Internet and the boom of online business. This fact is supported by the 120 million registered websites on the Internet. The market for e-business is ever growing. The number of Internet users has increased to 1 billion. All these facts encourage many aspiring businessmen to start their businesses through the Internet.The following point summarizes the scope of MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business:
    • MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business is an ideal choice for candidates who wish to join in the success of the Internet by starting up their own business. Such candidates must be able to research on the successful businesses online and devise a concrete strategy before investing any finances in starting their own business.
    MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business may seem like a convenient choice in entering the business market. All you have to do is create your own website and the profits come easy. But this is not true. In order to have a successful business on the Internet, you require evaluating projections pertaining to revenue and not on underling profits.Candidates with MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business are equipped in capacity planning, forecasting, inventory management and shipping of products to customers. All these factors play an important role in the future of the E-business. A successful business is managed with all these factors given the necessary attention. Similar to the usual marketing strategies, E-Commerce requires the same effort as it bears the same fruit of success for its owners.The advantage of MBA in E-Commerce/E-Business for candidates lies in learning about leadership skills, entrepreneurship expertise, and the flair of using Internet to their benefit. The Internet has opened a new horizon for potential business and customers. This untapped horizon is waiting for pioneer entrepreneurs to develop innovative business solutions for potential markets.

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    Re: Details about MBA in E-Business?

    Hello Dear ,


    Friend before coming to your question , i would like to give answer that What is E- BUSINESS ;

    E- BUSINESS means any business that makes effective uses of Technology to manage its activities such as Marketing or Conducting it sales

    through Internet Technology .

    Now coming to your query i.e. MBA in E- BUSINESS :

    MBA in E-BUSINESS enables students to pursue specialization in areas like Marketing & Finance . This course can be done either campus based or Online .

    Eligibility :

    >> Holding a Graduate Degree with a certain level of work experience.

    >> Students who wanted to join must have pass TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE (TOEFL ) .

    Duration of E-BUSINESS MBA PROGRAM :

    1- 2 years .

    List of Top Online Business Schools offering MBA in E- BUSINESS are :-

    -- South University Online.

    -- Walden University.

    -- California I.C. University.

    -- University of Phoenix.

    -- North Eastern University.

    -- Capella University.

    Hope this Information will Help you ...
    GOOD LUCK ..!!

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    Re: Details about MBA in E-Business?


    E business has an ever increasing job market in the private and public sector. Some of these sectors are:

    %u2022 E-government and E governance
    %u2022 E-education
    %u2022 E-marketing and services
    %u2022 Telecommunications

    The government sector now largely depends on online sources for reaching out to the public and is a good space for someone with the know-how of electronic communication. The same is the case with education. But the biggest job market for an expert in E business is marketing, which is a diverse field to explore.

    Educational programs that prepare you for careers in E business:
    E business is widely offered as a part of business studies at bachelor%u2019s and master%u2019s degree levels. Both can help you get jobs that hone your abilities in the field and help further development. A myriad of online courses on E business and distant learning programs offered by universities can help you understand it better if you already have an interest in the discipline. A Master%u2019s degree in E business is a more appropriate choice for anyone who wants to take no chances and start off with a good position. A Master%u2019s degree in E business also gives you a specialization which can also streamline your choice to a specific area you want to work in.

    Top jobs for careers in E business:
    E business offers a wider perspective on business management. Once you enter the field, you always look for the areas where you can avail the education. Online marketing seems to be the most appealing area for those with a specialization in E business because of its availability of options to choose from %u2013 e-trade and customer relations are some of its interesting features.

    Specializations available to those who seek a career in E business:
    E business is a large canvas to choose from. E business is the future of business which increases its potential of consistently coming up with innovative, more interesting sectors to be explored. Some of the specializations available in E business include cyber strategic planning, specializations can be specific to the customer-related field or it can be related to different sectors like the government or public sector and the private sector. For each specialization, the student has to do extensive research on technology beyond its usual use.

    E-Business MBA syllabus looks like this,

    Year One:
    110 - Management Concepts
    120 - Marketing Management
    130 - Human Resource Management
    140 - Financial and Management Accounting
    150 - E-commerce
    160 - Database Management System
    170 - Management Information System
    180 - Software Project Management

    Year Two:
    210 - Financial Management
    220 - Strategic Management
    230 - E-Commerce - Application and Securities
    240 - Internet and Java Programming
    250 - Advanced Web Development and Design Tools
    260 - Enterprise Resource Planning
    270 - Global Marketing
    280 - Structured System Analysis and Design
    290 - Project Work and Viva - voce

    Take Care!

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    Re: Details about MBA in E-Business?

    Hello Candidate,

    Here Are The Answers To Your Query:

    1. What is MBA e-Business
      • The Department Of Business Administration of Lucknow invites applications for admission to its Master of Business Administration and MBA(e-Business)
    2. Eligibility
      • You must a graduate with minimum of 50% of aggregate
    3. Selection Method
      • You Will Be Shortlisted On The Basis Of Your Performance In CAT
    • Shortlisted Candidate Will Be Invited to participate in the Group Discussion(i.e.GD) followed by a Personal Interview(i.e.PI)
    • Important Date To Send Your Application Form Must Before 30 November

    --->How To Apply
    • Obtain the application form from cashier's office,University of Lucknow,on payment of Rs.700 By Cash or D.D. in Favor of the Finance Officer,University of Lucknow Payable at Lucknow.
    • You Can Also Send a request along with a DD of 750 in favor the Finance Officer University of Lucknow,Payable at Lucknow
    • Address
      • Director Admission(MBA/MEB),
      • Department Of Business Administration,
      • University of Lucknow,
      • Lucknow-226007
    • Phone
      • (0522)2740246
    • E-Mail
      • lumba@kouniv.ac.in
    • Website

    I Hope Above Information Will Prove Crucial To You!!

    Good Luck

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