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    Details about MBA courses with low fee structure?

    i am b.tech(computer science) 4th year student. i have a confusion wheather to go with m.tech or go with a job. Our financial status is not good, actually i am pursuing my b.tech on borrowed money. My academic percentage is good, 71% till 7 sem. but i have not scored much in gate & not apply for cat & recently i have failed in TCS campus drive in 3rd HR round. i think there was a communication problems. so i am not thinking about mba(a option).But i want to improve my communication skills. So u can understand that i have a lot of problems.
    my goal/aim is that i want to be a software programmer(games/application/mobile) n having excellent communication skills. but now i am thinking that it is not easy to get a job n also there r not a lot of related jobs.
    please tell me What should i do Stick to job or mtech? or of u have any suggestion apart from it plz tell me...

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