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    Details about coaching for MBA entrance exams?

    hi sir this is mohammad faisal . sir i m a cat aspirant and want 2 join a good coaching for cat ...
    currently i m pursuing my b.tech at jaypee group . i m in 2nd year nd planning to join cl in 3rd year...sir from now itself i have started my preparations for cat just thriving my english skills ....
    and i'v been doing this for the last 3 months with all guns blazing... but now i m stuck by something ., i m aghast by a iim criteria ...
    sir as i'v seen on 100's of websites just to uproot this frantic stumbling block ...that most of the iim's look for acads and just coz of certain reasons i have a poor acad till now (72% in 10th and 63% in 12th) although i m doing good in my b.tech ..sir plzzz i have tremendous regards for you ..i have read a lot about you ..sir i humbly submit this with all due respect sir clear some of my ambiguities ... i m in a sea of darkness ...
    my question is sir having told u about my acads (school part)
    sir suppose if i would get pass width a good c.g.p in my b.tech say 8.4(my current one) and if i score a good cat percentile which is sufficient 4 getting call from an iim ....
    then is that so that i cannot make it up (call for gdpi) by iim (any iim) ????
    just because of above mentioned acads is there chance 2 get iim calls (any ) ??
    now having said that i know that i m worrying about a thing which is not in my hands ...
    and plzz sir i also know that that this criteria of taking acads so much into account is not fixed ..pattern changes .
    but sir i wanna know from your side .sir this immense confusing things are taking my head off ....
    i would be so grateful and gratified if u could plzzz give me a succinct answer on this sir plzzz.....
    i m asking u this with a lot of hope and optimism....
    good bye ..

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    Re: Details about coaching for MBA entrance exams?

    ::::Top 5 coaching centers for MBA entrance exams are::::






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    Re: Details about coaching for MBA entrance exams?

    Hello ,

    Well my friend , you have written a long question , i have read it but friend as per your question is concerned you don't need to worry at all about the percentage of 10+2 level of study nor your graduation degree level of study as there is a minimum criteria is set to select a candidate on the basis of percentile that you have scored in CAT exam that's it . The only thing that IIM is concerned is your CAT percentile . If you scored more than 90 percentile you will be surely get admission in IIM . The only thing that you need is to concentrate on your study and do well in your CAT exam .

    Here are the list of Coaching center for MBA that you can join are :

    > > T.I.M..E






    > > CAREER LAUNCHER etc ...

    GOOD LUCK !!

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    Re: Details about coaching for MBA entrance exams?


    Details about coaching for MBA entrance exams.

    1.Edstar GMAT Prep
    2.Career Launcher
    3.Career Forum
    4.Magnus School of Business
    5.Naren Commerce Academy
    7.Sharp Institute
    8.Ascent Educationís 2IIM
    9.Prime Center.

    Wish you good luck..............

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