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    Detailed information of MBA in Networking and colleges in India for this course?

    I Want to know about MBA in Networking. Colleges,Entrance exam,etc...So anybody know pls send me the below mentioned email id.


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    Re: Detailed information of MBA in Networking and colleges in India for this course?

    Hello Friend ,

    MBA Network Management and Information Security


    Enhancing understanding of the:
    Types of risk and types of controls available to counter them
    Cryptology and encryption theory and practice
    Technical controls for risks in networks and e-mail
    Legal, moral and ethical concerns in Risk Management

    S.No Topic No. of Hours

    1 Introduction
    Classical security Techniques and Computer Network
    Security Concepts. Confidentiality and Security, Security
    Policy and Operations Life Cycle, Security System
    Development and Operations - 5

    2 Secure Networking Threats
    The Attack Process. Attacker Types. Vulnerability Types.
    Attack Results. Attack Taxonomy. Threats to Security:
    Physical security, Biometric systems, monitoring controls, and
    Data security and intrusion and detection systems -5

    3 Encryption Techniques
    Conventional techniques, Modern techniques, DES, DES
    chaining, Triple DES, RSA algorithm, Key management.
    Message Authentication and Hash Algorithm, Authentication
    requirements and functions secure Hash Algorithm, Message
    digest algorithm, digital signatures. AES Algorithms - 7

    4 Designing Secure Networks
    Components of a Hardening Strategy. Network Devices. Host
    Operating Systems. Applications. Appliance-Based Network
    Services. Rogue Device Detection, Network Security
    Technologies The Difficulties of Secure Networking. Security
    Technologies. Emerging Security Technologies General
    Design Considerations, Layer 2 Security Considerations. IP
    Addressing Design Considerations. ICMP Design
    Considerations. Routing Considerations. Transport Protocol
    Design Considerations - 8

    5 Network Security Platform Options
    Network Security Platform Options. Network Security Device
    Best Practices, Common Application Design Considerations.
    E-Mail. DNS. HTTP/HTTPS. FTP. Instant Messaging.
    IPsec VPN Design Considerations
    VPN Basics. Types of IPsec VPNs. IPsec Modes of Operation
    and Security Options. Topology Considerations. Design
    Considerations. Site-to-Site Deployment Examples - 5

    6 Access Control
    File Protection, Virus Protection, Security Protocols,
    Identification and Authentication, Network Security, Email
    Security, Intrusion Detection, Audit Trails and Audit Reduction - 5


    You can do this course from Mahatma Gandhi University or Anna University . Both are UGC and DEC recognized .

    Visit >>


    All The Best !

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