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    Detailed information about which is better MCA or MBA after BCA?

    which one is better mca/mba/ ?

    pls give me all information about after bca

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    Re: Detailed information about which is better MCA or MBA after BCA?


    There are various courses that you can move ahead with after completion of your Bachelor of Computer Application. Which is better among MCA or MBA, is very tricky question to answer . It is the question which is answered by your interest and passion. You have to give your opinion regarding the future of your interest and passion that you can move ahead with. It is dependent on you that which course is of your interest. Accordingly you can move ahead in your career and explore your career further.

    In order to choose among MBA or MCA, you have to be cautious regarding your choice that you can select the option for your future. If you are really interested in your technical skills then MCA is the better option for you to move ahead with instead of your MBA course. In MBA also, There are various specialization which is inclined towards your graduation course that you wanted to pursue. In MBA, you can move ahead with MBA in Information Technology. This will give exploration towards your career in your future life. Now, It is in your hand to decide which is option that you can explore to make your career beautiful.


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