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    Is CS better for job career growth after completing MBA in Finance?

    Hey guys,

    I completed my MBA in Finance, I am keen in doing Company Secretary to boost my career.

    Pls advise me whether it is a wise decision.

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    Re: Is CS better for job career growth after completing MBA in Finance?

    Doing Company secretary seems good move as you will get other related knowledge about the company functional area's and about the organization after completing this course.

    Company Secretary is known as versatile candidate who has knowledge about every department of company whether it is Management, legal (specifically legal) , Financial or any other related area of company.

    As you are MBA you can directly take admission in Executive level of Company Secretary course.

    You already have knowledge in Financial Department of company because of MBA in Finance through this qualification you could have extra knowledge about the other area of company which will definitely enhance your career.

    For more information you can visit the website of company secretary course.


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    Re: Is CS better for job career growth after completing MBA in Finance?


    both the course are career oriented courses and professional degree course but basically CS is a company financial advisory course which mainly you can say that in financing term so if you want to make your career in finance only so CA, CS & ICWAI are the best courses in india.

    But as you May know MBA is stand for masters in business administration and it has 'n' number of courses so there you have tripple benefit
    first you have completed your MBA which is master degree programme
    Secondly:- You have completed a professional course
    third:- There is a large number of choice

    SO tell you again if you want to go only with finance CS is best for you otherwise you have a good choice to MBA.

    But Do MBA with full time MBA programme Part time is not worth for everyone.

    All the best!

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