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    Conversion formula of grade into percentage for IGNOU MBA?

    what is the conversion formula of grade into percentage in mba of ignou.

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    Re: Conversion formula of grade into percentage for IGNOU MBA?

    Hello Friend ,

    On 19 Jun 2006 in its Academic Council's Standing Committee Meeting, IGNOU decided to grant percentage equivalence to various grades. Accordingly a communication

    was brought out which comprehensively displays percentage equivalence for various grades.

    The evaluation of the students depends upon the various instructional procedures taken by them. Before taking any term-end examination, the student needs to

    take assignment tests and other internal tests to be considered for the final examination. In most cases, the total average mark is calculated adding even the preliminary

    tests marks. This is the reason for the students to become confused for the students to calculate the total IGNOU percentage.

    System for evaluate their student.
    • A – Excellent
    • B – Very Good
    • C – Good
    • D – Average
    • E – Unsatisfactory
    However for students pursuing master’s or bachelor’s degree, the numerical grading system is followed and they are later converted into grades. For example, if a student
    scores a mark of 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4, then the average mark on their grade card would be 26.

    Calculating IGNOU percentage can be difficult for students, since they follow a pattern. The marks are normally based on their practical, theory and assignments with weight age of 15%, 50% and 25% respectively. If you look at it, actually 70% weight age is given for theory and 30% for the assignments, but according to IGNOU calculation, the decimal values are ignored and the marks are rounded off. If you are still want to be clearer with the calculation, you can take a look at the calculation method followed printed in the BCA program guide.

    If you are still doubtful about the percentage calculation, you can contact the IGNOU office by contacting on their official address given on their online website that is : http://www.ignou.ac.in/

    * * * A
    nd there is one more option for you , that i have posted a link that is , Grade calculator , just click on this link write your details (Grade ) and after that

    you will be able to know your percentage , it will be really helpful . Just try once follow this link


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