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    Better scope between MBA & M.Tech. in Biotechnology?

    Hii sir dis is jyotisha gupta
    Dis is my 3rd year in b.tech biotech n am so confused regarding mba
    Sir my question is for biotech students mba in other fields rather than biotech has scope or not n if there is scope which field would b better

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    Re: Better scope between MBA & M.Tech. in Biotechnology?

    It's good to know that you are pursuing B.Tech in Biotechnology which has more scope than many other subjects because Biotechnology is completely covers entire science fields and also include agriculture in itself that is why you should never take this thought in your mind that you will not find very good scope and more opportunities in future after completing your B.Tech in Biotechnology and this is enough to complete graduation in Biotechnology but you wants to get a good job with high salary so you will have to enter in depth of this subject then you will collect more knowledge and will be preferred by MNCs for job so your planning is enough good about your future

    There are three options for you which are - M.Tech in Biotechnology or M.Sc in Biotechnology or MBA in Biotechnology but you have to select only one subject that could help you out in getting a good job so you have to see features of each post graduate course in biotechnology and if you see MBA then it is good because MBA gives you more opportunities because related to the business sector and most demanded post graduate course at the present time for high paying job and once you complete MBA in biotechnology from a reputed institute then you will find yourself in satisfaction from your career with a very good job and no pressure at all

    M.Sc in Biotechnology is also preferred by those candidates who wants to make their future only in biotechnology stream and be ahead in the research over this subject so if your plan is same about this so you can go for M.Sc

    You are naturally from B.Tech in Biotech so this is your duty that you become technical from your mind and place your choice according to your interest because preference should be given to interest and if you want to take job in Biotech stream with good job then M.Tech is also a very good course for you that can easily earn but whatever you choose that does not matter, you always should try to get admission in a top ranked institute so you could easily manage your career and adjust yourself in professional field

    I have listed some good colleges that provides Post Graduation in Biotechnology

    Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology
    School of Life Science - University of hyderabad
    NDRI - National Dairy Research Institute - Karnal - Haryana
    University of Mumbai - Institute of Chemical Technology
    Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology - New Delhi
    University School of Biotechnology - Guru Govind Singh Indraprastha University
    University Institute of Engineering & Technology - Punjab University

    All the best

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    Re: Better scope between MBA & M.Tech. in Biotechnology?

    First of all your interest matters a lot. If you are very much interested in Biotechnology then continue in the same field otherwise you can opt MBA.
    Obviously MBA has a wider scope then M.Tech. So choice is yours.
    Some top universities of India like IIMs, ICFAI, LPU, GNDU and Amity are providing these courses.

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