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    Better scope between MBA in Advertising & PGDM in Advertising?

    What is better an mba in advertising or a pgdm in advertising in terms of curriculum and scope?

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    Re: Better scope between MBA in Advertising & PGDM in Advertising?

    According to the current circumstances in advertisement field all candidates who wants to enter in this field should be faster and highly grown up in this field with enough qualification because world is walking very fast so everyone wants to be ahead that is why you also have to walk according to the situation and this situation says that to get more opportunities you should be qualified in the relevant stream as soon as possible and that is why many students selects Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Specialization Subject) so there are some ways that can be the right solution but if you wants to go for Advertisement so see each condition that you afford means PGDM will take only 1 year to be completed where you will waste no more time and get a good job very soon and this is enough flexible for all classes students because fee of MBA course is more than PGDM and we can say just double of the PGDM because MBA is also a professional course that has 4 semesters including training and internship so institutes demands for more but once must think that how much MBA profitable is ?

    First year of MBA program is necessary for all aspirants who wants to get the job because during this period you will learn more and more for management and also about advertisement because one year will give you basic knowledge about advertisement and full knowledge about management and business but second year is only for subject so that will be more good for you than that of PGDM and when you will go for job then both PGDM and MBA holders will get the job but pay scale and rank of your job will be higher than a candidate who have completed PGDM so you should prefer MBA on the place of PGDM

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    Re: Better scope between MBA in Advertising & PGDM in Advertising?

    MBA will be better in both cases. An MBA degree done from a recognized university will be valid for appearing in any government and private sector jobs.

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