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    Better option between Marketing and HR?

    Hi sir,i am arts graduate , occupationally as insurance agent for last 10 yrs.i decidded to do MBA,now iam in 3rd semester,but specialisation issue has come,i think iam in concept marketing. According to me what i must select as specialisation as marketing or HR. who is fit or suit for me .ithink marketing is vast or very competitive or goal oriented, traavelling job will be there.HR is suit for those have more tolerance capacity',so.pl. guide or direct me . what should i choosespecialisation. with regards,

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    Re: Better option between Marketing and HR?


    In Marketing we learn how to sell the Product or Service Concept in Detail.

    It includes adverting, dealing with people, creativity and many other related things.

    Marketing is reaching to the public for letting them know about our product/services.

    As our economy is growing so as the demand for qualified MBA in our country is growing to handle

    that growth properly or in a way that it provide maximum benefit to the people.

    if you think you are good with dealing with people and also creative than you should do marketing.


    In this specialization student need to learn to deal with Internal people of the organization

    to rightly understand the strength and weakness of the person and than placed them in

    to the right jobs and also to set the right training pattern to enhance their skills .

    HR candidate play important role in organization/company as he/she ie equip about best practices in hiring and training

    Human resources is most important asset of any organization.

    If you think you are good in understanding people and have very good communication skills you should take this specialization .

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    Re: Better option between Marketing and HR?

    You will survive and thrive in competition better if you are working on something you enjoy, rather than something which you have taken on as a burden.

    So the touchstone test is : which specilisation do you find "easy" ? If HR feels more comfortable and easy to you, with the HR theories looking obviously sensible, go for HR. If the same sense of ease in there for you in marketing, Go for marketing .

    That is the a "right" specialisation for YOU. And what is ight for youw ill probaly be completely wrong for a different person.

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    Re: Better option between Marketing and HR?

    Human resources should play a pivotal role in determining what employees do, how they work, a businessís culture and ethos and the staff structures essential for success. Employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all human resources, training, and labor relations managers and specialists occupations.

    Employment is projected to grow about as fast as average. As with most managerial jobs, keen competition is expected for these highly coveted positions. It influence the traditional advertising in newspapers, radio, and network television wanes, marketing professionals are being asked to develop new and different ways to advertise and promote products and services to better reach potential customers.

    Lastly I want to say that HR provides slightly more job security than Marketing, but Marketing positions generally pay better than HR positions.

    Thank you...

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