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    Better course between Pharma MBA & M.Pharmacy after B.Pharmacy?

    Which course is btr ofter b.pharmacy........... either m.pharmcy or pharma mba

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    Re: Better course between Pharma MBA & M.Pharmacy after B.Pharmacy?

    According to my opinion it is better to take M.Pharmacy after completing your B.Pharmacy because it will be easy for u if to take that branch and the scope of job prospects will also be good if you are good at your stream.These pharmacy and al are related to the medical side i mean about chemicals,medicines and it is completely different from the MBA stream .So if you want to take that course it is better if you chose the M.Pharmacy only after completion of your B.Pharmacy inorder to have better future.even then if you want to pursue your pharmacy along with MBA then you take this course Pharma MBA.But be careful in choosing your stream as you cant change after taking it.If you think that you can cope without having basic knowledge of MBA if you want to pursue in the course in the Pharma MBA then well and good you can take that course and moreover the job prospects are also good if we chose both pharma and MBA when compared with the M.Pharmacy.in pharmacy you may get job prospects in medical shops or in hospitals or else in some medical industry that you want to do job in that.but where as if you take this pharmacy MBA you can job prospects both in medical as well as in business side and moreover outer knowledge will increase if you do work on both sieds and we can go anywhere as we want if we are talented and have certain skills that can compete with the outside world.

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    Re: Better course between Pharma MBA & M.Pharmacy after B.Pharmacy?

    Both the courses of
    Pharma MBA
    are Post Graduation courses with the duration of 2 years.

    There is a good career scope for both the courses.

    But still I suggest you to go for M-Pharmacy.

    M-Pharmacy is the course which will fetch you good job opportunities in Pharma companies like
    Aurobindo etc.

    To the best of my knowledge there are less number of job opportunities for the candidates after completion of Pharma MBA.

    But still, if you want have some Management knowledge in addition to your core knowledge, then you can prefer Pharma MBA.

    Moreover, Pharma MBA course is being offered by less number of colleges in India.

    Take wise decision and opt for the respective course accordingly.

    Whatever the course you join, try to get admission for that course in a top college.

    Then you will be having an advantage of getting a job while you are in the college only through campus placements.

    Try to get good subject knowledge and enhance your communication skills from the course which you are going to join.

    Don't wait for the job opportunities till the completion of your course.

    Start hunting for the job opportunities from the final year of your M-Pharmacy or Pharma MBA course.

    Make a list of the companies which best suit your qualification.

    Know the information regarding those opportunities from time to time.

    apply for those jobs and crack it.

    Wish you all the best.

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