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    Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    what is better after bca amoung mca or mba ?
    now i m very confused...
    now i m n 5th sem.......
    My maths is week....
    please sir tell me.......

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Hello friend,

    Its the turning point of your career again after 12th where you have to decide whether to do MCA or MBA.

    I will suggest you to take councelling on both, in which you will get to know your interest,ability and skills which will help you to decide whether to go for MBA or MCA.

    Now Let me tell you some details about both the courses.

    MBA :

    Master of Business Administration

    Its a two year management course. You see MBA in good college or rather a management institute has a weight age of million dollar jobs. The person unless he wants to be in technical field he would definitely opt for MBA though competitive it seems to be fruitful. People those who have done MBA in institutes such as IIMS have been leading the major companies as CEO etc. More the technology advances more there is a need for management, so MBA qualified people will form the spearhead of these technical companies. Though we need people with technical background such as MCA and many others for managing or competing with their peers we need management trained guy who knows what competition is and also how to compete peers. Every body the glamour for MBA has increased.

    MCA :

    Master of Computer Administration

    MBA is helpful in managerial grounds while MCA goes towards the technical side or hardcore computer applications or skills .If you are good enough in Programming and knows the software making skills very well those are required in Technical field like MCA moreover you are interested in Coding and testing the technical queries you should go for MCA. As for the technology loving person has great scope and future in this field.

    So now decision is yours.

    All the best!!

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    First of all stop get worrying, ask your self where do you want to see yourself. What work you want to do after completion of your degree, Some technical. computer application related profile (MCA) or A MANAGERIAL or administrator job. (MBA) .
    After doing this exercise answer will be with you without any confusion.
    Some good universities providing these courses are- LPU, GNDU and Amity etc.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Hello buddy if you want to take forward your learning process then you should continue with MCA. You should go for MBA if you have an interest in the management field.ISM,Gurgaon is one of the best colleges to go for PGDM courses.The college is AICTE approved and has a very nice curriculum as well.Check their website for details.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    hello dear friend,
    if you are from BCA background means it is a software field and MBA is different from technical field so according to me MCA will be more better and useful option for u as compare to MBA becoz you are from technical field so you will do best in MCA.
    best of luck

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