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    Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    i have completed my bca then i want to study for higher
    study so what is better option to chosse mba are mca pls help sir
    i have confuse to chosse mba are mca pls help what is better

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    It is good to see your interest towards the higher degree.Generally the student belonging from the BCA graduate either go for the MCA course or go for the MBA course as there master degree course.Basically the main reason for opting the master degree like MBA/MCA is to just increase the salary potential as well as post.

    MBA and MCA both are the good master degree course.The scope as well as the opportunity of both courses are good in their own fields.

    Basically going from any course or stream is depend upon ones interest as well as personal liking towards that course.It is not constant for all.Personal liking as well as interest varies from person to person.

    Dear aspirant if you are interested in the business and administration sector and you want to develop your career in management area then you can go for the MBA course.

    But if you are not interested in this area and want go for the Computers and its application indirectly in the software field than you may go for the MCA course.

    However the decision is depend upon you as well as your liking, So Think properly and carefully before any decision.Your decision may change your life.

    !! Good Luck !!



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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Both are good courses to join.

    if you have interest in software field, then join MCA course.

    If you have interest in management field, then join MBA course.

    to join MBA, you have minimum 50% of marks in graduation.

    for mba write the below exams


    For MCA write, NIMCET exam.

    choose the course which you interest.

    all the best.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Both MBA and MCA are good and have several job opportunities.
    You have to see what you like, if you liked to study BCA and have interest in computer and IT sector, go for MCA.
    Instead, if you are interested in management and are good at English, go for MBA.
    Choose the course in which you can perform better and be satisfied.
    Good Luck.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    If you have scored good percentage marks in BCA and having good command over every subject of BCA then you may choose MCA because MCA depends on Language and programming with various softwares but MBA has so many specialization subjects and you may choose anyone from them but I would like to suggest you to choose for MCA on the place of MBA because it is three years master's degree course in that you will get full knowledge and information about computer application and science including programming and also will get good proficiency over different softwares of computers and you also know that IT sector has more money than any other so you must keep your study continue in the same way and go for MCA test

    Some of the state governments conducts pre MCA test for provide admission in MCA so you also should find out better institute and get admission

    All the best

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    MBA means master of business administration
    MCA means master of computer applications
    BCA means bachelor of computer applications
    According to me if i was in that place then i would opt for the course MCA because as BCA is course based upon the applications of computer it will be easy for us to do higher studies in MCA and we can gain complete knowledge of that ocurse and moreover job prospects for that sector is also in good position now a days.MBA is also good only but when compared with the MCA it also good but as you said that you had some knowledge on BCA na so it would be easy for you to understand higher level where as in MBA it is completely different we have to learn all types of skills such as social,communication,management ,administrative ,leadership etc to be best in such type of field where you havent came across it anywhere so inorder to be best in oyur field it is good if you be in MCA course .Even then if you want to take MBA if you are interested and if youthink that you can perform well then it is also a very good option to you.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Dear friend, The decision is purely depend on your interest. If you are interested towards business or commerce field, you can get into the course MBA where you will gain the knowledge how to run the business and how to manage particular business. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. Otherwise , you can go to MCA i.e Master of computer Applications where your career will be boosted. MCA is the depth of BCA. All The Best..

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    According to my view, You must opt a MBA after BCA because it gives you more comprehensive idea about management aspect. If you want to MBA than IT specialization give you large number of job opportunity in this field.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after BCA?

    Well MBA stands for Master of Business Administration,MCA stands for Master of Computer Application.BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application.BCA is just a UG (Under Graduate) bachelor degree course hence it is inferior when compared to MCA which is a master degree in the same feid.Now MBA and MCA both are master degree PG (Post Graduate) course hence both have bright scope but while comparing MBA (Master of Business Administration) have bright scope all over the world while MCA not so as MBA.Hence MBA is at the top when compared to MCA and BCA. ..... All the best ....

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