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    Better course between MBA and MCA after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    hi, myself AMRITA i want to know jobs after b.sc in biotechnology ? And after b.sc in biotech wat is the better course MBA OR M.Sc?

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    Re: Better course between MBA and MCA after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?


    I think MBA would be an Good option for you.

    What's good in MBA??? :-

    1. Better packages :- MBA Graduate gets Better packages as compare to other courses like MCA. One more thing that i want to add is that MBA graduate are highest salary getters in recent years.

    2. Easy to switch jobs :- MBA graduates always have many option to switch jobs and get the best one in their kitty. where as other have to struggle a lot to get a job which suits their profile.

    3. More job Options :- MBA graduates are needed everywhere, Because of their business skills, Convincing power and thousand other ability that they possess where as other course are job centric and suitable for some kinda job only.

    4. Demand is more :- MBA graduates are more in demand

    5. International exposure is more :- Those candidate who want to go abroad and work there have more opportunity with an MBA degree so if you want to move abroad then you should choose MBA.

    6. Increment is faster :- MBA is performance based and hence you get paid as you work. More smart work and more promotions you get

    7. No need to stick to the same kinda industry :- MBA graduate does not have to stick to the same industry and they can move as per their choice.

    Other Benefits :-

    8. More options to get into government jobs
    9. High profile jobs need Management skills which only an MBA graduate can have??

    Hope it will help


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    Re: Better course between MBA and MCA after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    Hello Amrita ,

    After a B.Tech or a B.Sc. in Biotechnology there are various opportunities for students in India , You can either go for higher studies like :

    > > M.Tech,
    > > M.Sc. or Ph.D degrees
    > > MCA
    > > MBA

    Al the courses that you will do in your future are good . But it now depends on you , i mean if you want to go for further higher studies then i would suggest you to go for M.SC , but if you are interested in Computer then you should choose MCA , and finally if you want to earn a handsome salary in a short period of time then go for an MBA degree .

    Well you can also find a job after your Bachelor's degree in Biotech , as here are the job profile that you will be getting :

    * * Territory Manager- Genomics Business Development
    * * Assistant Manager Marketing-Biotech
    * * Research Associate in-vitro Biology
    * * Manager/Deputy Manager/Assistance Manager-Process/Biotech
    * * Marketing Manager Domestic
    * * Sales Officer-Institutional Sales
    * * Assistant Research Analyst
    * * Sales Manager-Lab
    * * Analyst-Biotech Product
    * * Research Associate-Cancer Biology

    There is a big scope in sales dept of biotech companies making tools and machines for research, these companiesí hire graduates for their marketing and sales. Here salary ranges from 7,000 -25,000 .




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    Re: Better course between MBA and MCA after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?

    HiIf you're asking an opinion between MCA and MBA, then I would strictly recommend you to go on for the MBA.Because MBA would boost your future in the right way and at the right path.Therefore you just need to fight cat, focus on that, prepare well and just do it. Once you get an admission in a good MBA college, your life will be set.Gud luck

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    Re: Better course between MBA and MCA after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?


    After B.Sc in Biotechnology you should opt for MBA rather than MCA. MBA has good demand in
    job market. If you have any flair in computer then you can surely chose MCA. But MBA would
    be the ideal platform for you in th near future.


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    Re: Better course between MBA and MCA after B.Sc. in Biotechnology?


    MCA and MBA both are post graduation and both have very high scope of learning.
    As per today's scenario, most candidates prefer MBA because

    - it provide various alternatives
    - Give you chance to switch your subjects in case you didn't do well and don't want to continue with it
    - Help you switch jobs easily
    - Give you chance to rise quickly
    - Better salary packages
    - more chances of going abroad

    Jobs after bsc biotechnology are limited and pay is not to high

    All the best

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