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    Better course between MBA & MCA after 12th?

    i have done 12th in maths so i m cofuse what i do mca or mba sir/mam plz help me and suzess me what a better in my carrer

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after 12th?

    According to my opinion among MBA and MCA I choose for the MBA
    first of all i want to say that after completion of 12 th you are not allotted to get into MBA for studying because for getting into that either fro MBA OR MCA one should require graduation certificate from any recognized university either for state or center level.but for doing MBA we have to get 50% aggregate minimum.and that too when compared with mba and mca we have lot of good opportunities if you had done in mba.but after completion we cant do mba or mca as it higher education and for writting entrance test we should have graduation certificate .mca means master of computers .it is related to computers only where as for the mba it is entirely different we can go anywhere and we can get good job with that by maintaining good communication skills and depending upon the university and talent.

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after 12th?


    Basically for MBA or MCA one requires Under Graduation.It cant be done directly. One has to take up entrance exams like CAT,MAT,XAT,TANCET,etc... to get into these courses.
    MCA specifically focuses only on computer lane.Whereas, MBA gives an entire view on management ,entrepreneurship,computer (can be chosen as your specialization),etc.
    So chose your UG according to your future growth and focus on it.

    Good luck

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after 12th?

    Dear if you have completed 12th class with mathematics subject then first of all you should think about your bachelor's degree because MBA or MCA is not possible without completing bachelor's degree with at least 50% marks that is why you need to complete your degree first and you should choose that course which may help you in your MBA because you have already planned for master's degree then I would like to suggest you for MBA because this is two years duration master's degree program that is offered by so many reputed institutes in India and if you go for MCA then it will take 3 years to be completed that is why you need to prefer MBA and there is a huge scope for MBA and more than MCA but you should have good knowledge about all subjects of MBA whatever you study during your master's degree and after 12th class you may choose following courses for better future

    BBA - Bachelor's of Business Administration

    BBM - Bachelor's of Business Management

    These courses will give you full knowledge about the basic management and business system and this will help you during to complete your MBA and you may also choose any engineering stream after 12th in mathematics but it will take 4 years that is the wastage of time so think about the time and go for BBA or BBM then MBA

    All the best

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA after 12th?

    hi friend.
    after 12th you cant do any of these course, because both these course are of post graduate. so first of all you will have to complete your graduation and then think about it that whom to choose and whom to reject.
    first of all decide what you actually want to do or what your interest is and according to them choose your stream.
    if your interest is towards business and economy or want to establish your own business in future than mba is better option. if your interest is towards computer or want to create something new than mca is right option for you. since you have completed your 12th with maths so you can choose any of these in future.
    all the best.

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