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    Better course between MBA & MCA?

    what if i do
    1. BMS and then MBA?
    2. BCA and then MCA?
    which one will be better? Im good in computer as well as managing things well..
    please help me out of this confusion as my 12th results are near

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA?

    mba and mca are different from each other mba related to dealing with people
    mca related to software developments etc..
    if you have good programming skills go for mca

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA?

    It is good to see your interest towards the further studies.MBA and MCA both are the good master degree course.Basically the main reason for opting the master degree like MBA/MCA is to just increase the salary potential as well as post.

    The scope and the opportunities for both the courses are good and having a great value in their own fields and area.Basically going from any course or stream is depend upon ones interest as well as personal liking towards that course.It is not constant for all.Personal liking as well as interest varies from person to person.

    Dear aspirant if you are interested in the business and administration sector and you want to develop your career in management area then you can go for the MBA course.

    But if you are not interested in this area then you can continue your study in the same area by opting the MCA course.For both the courses i.e. for MBA/MCA you have to first complete you have to first complete your bachelor course in any stream with minimum 50% marks in aggregate.

    The decision is depend upon you and on your interest.So Think properly and carefully before any decision.Your decision may change your life.

    !! Good Luck !!


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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA?

    It is definite that MBA from a good university will assure you a great future ahead and if you are interested in computers then you can go for a diploma simultaneously. Computers are required in every field nowadays.Even if you pursue MBA it would be required for you to work with computers and be good at it. Companies prefer MBA in finance the most and in marketing the least. You can choose your option according to your interest and feasibility.ALL THS BEST

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    Re: Better course between MBA & MCA?

    It is great to see your interest for the additionally studies.

    MBA in addition to MCA both are definitely the great learn degree course.Basically the primary reason for going the master degree just like MBA/MCA is definitely only to raise the income possible together with post.

    The actual breadth as well as chances for both the is great and having a fantastic importance in their own individual grounds in addition to area.

    Basically intending in the program or even stream is definitely depend on types interest together with individual choice to that course.

    It isn't consistent for all.Personal choice together with interest is different from man or women for you to person.

    Beloved aspirant in case you are looking for this business in addition to current administration industry in addition to you should create your career in supervision location subsequently apply for this MBA course.

    Nevertheless discover serious in this field subsequently you can preserve your own examine in a similar location simply by going this MCA course.

    For your courses i.e. for MBA/MCA you should initial complete you should initial complete your own bachelor's program in any stream having minimum amount 50% scars in aggregate.

    Deciding is definitely depend on you together with with your interest.

    So Think effectively and thoroughly ahead of any kind of decision.Your conclusion may alter your life.

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