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    Better course between MBA & M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    MbA or M.teCh??

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    Re: Better course between MBA & M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    MBA has very good job prospect after B.Tech.

    There is more scope of job availability after MBA.

    If you did B.Tech then you have to stick with only one particular industry.

    But if you did MBA you can join any industry on the basis of MBA.

    So MBA is better after btech.

    Anyone can join in big co-operative industry after MBA with good salary package.So i suggest you yo take mba after your btech

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    Re: Better course between MBA & M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    Hello my dear Friend ...

    How about you ??


    Kindly follow the below steps

    I really appreciate for you THAT AIMING FOR THE GOOD CAREER

    There is nothing wrong in it

    THere are two career options in front of you

    <<>> M.B.A

    <<>> M.TECH

    And As per my knowledge ...

    You have completed the """ B.TECH "'' already you better to go for " M.TECH "

    So any body ( any Degree student ) can go for MBA .. But can not go for M.Tech

    So I suggest you to go for M.TECH


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    Re: Better course between MBA & M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    Dear for your kind information that both of the PG courses are the best through which you may easily develop your career but the thing is that if you choose your interesting subject then it would be good for your career because a person can do better in interesting field than uninteresting field so that you must prefer your interest first the look into your future that what do you want to become in your life because this is the main turning point of your career which is most important for you and if you get failed at this moment then you will loose a huge opportunity to make your career that is why you have to be first one who makes the career better than others and that is why you need to get a good course in your PG

    You may go for any one but when you from engineering stream then i would like to suggest you to be stay in your engineering stream and go for M.Tech and must choose that specialization subject from which you have completed your bachelor's of technology but if you do not want to become a successful engineer then you may choose MBA and become a good manager and i would say that MBA also better for you but you have to be proficient and get expertise in your MBA subject then only it would be useful for your career otherwise you may not make your life better and if you get a good institute for MBA then nothing is better than it because once you get a reputed management institute then there would be more chances to get the job through campus recruitment and you may use your work during that so you have to be prepared for CAT or MAT entrance test and score more than 95% marks then start your career with an MBA

    All the best

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    Re: Better course between MBA & M.Tech. after B.Tech.?

    It totally depends on yur capacity,financial ability and above all your area of interest.if you are interested in managerial jobs then MBA is for you but if are interested in technical research then M.Tech is the right option for you.

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