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    Which is best MBA regular or distance education? Which is better among MBA in marketing or business management and colleges that provide these courses?

    i am completed my degree(B.sc) in distance .i have 2 years of marketing experience.i am planing to do MBA
    My question is Can i go for MBA regular or distance only option for me?
    Which is the best for me MBA marketing or Business management..
    In which collage i have to take admission for good seeking good sub acknowledged Business school or any other

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    Re: Which is best MBA regular or distance education? Which is better among MBA in marketing or business management and colleges that provide these courses?

    Best MBA field among Distance or Regular Mode : Through Both Mode Distance Learning and Regular institute will provided you degree but Value of Regular Mode and Distance mode is totally different.That's why many people select Regular MBA field as compare of Distance education mode.

    After that we discuss about MBA marketing field and it is a top most field where people can find more jobs opportunities.For more understanding purpose we can classified Marketing field into two different category :

    1) Production Marketing

    2) Corporate Marketing

    In case of Production Marketing undergraduate,Post graduate and other certificate courses candidates can apply.Under this Production Marketing field Distance mode candidates can also apply for jobs.

    After completing Degree in Production Marketing field you have chances to get into Multinational Companies and Other government organizations.

    But in case of Corporate Marketing it is totally associated with Business Field.Both Production and Corporate Marketing are totally depends on Business Management.You can grow in Future if you are balance your Business.

    The main Difference between Production Marketing and Corporate Marketing field are following as :

    1) Production Marketing field is a consider as a whole organization but in case of Corporate Marketing product is in customer hand efficiently .

    2) The business Management and Marketing both factors are depended to each other .

    List of best institutes or colleges provide courses in Marketing or Business Management are following as :

    >>>> Indian Institute of Management,Indore


    Symbiosis Institute of Business Management


    Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and Higher Studies


    Amity Business School ,Noida

    >>>> S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research


    Faculty of Management Studies,Delhi

    >>>> K.J Somaiya Institute of Management and Research

    >>>> Management Development Institute,Gurgaon


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    Re: Which is best MBA regular or distance education? Which is better among MBA in marketing or business management and colleges that provide these courses?

    hi..among the regular mode mba and the correspondence mode MBA the regular mode is far far better because of the following reasons"
    • The master of business administration course is an course which is thought in an interactive manner and the teacher and the students discuss and share there thoughts on the different topics and business situation such an opportunity is not available for an student doing the masters course in business administration through and distance mode and hence he does not get the proper type of knowledge and also does not develop the zeal to think differently in any situations which the students doing the MBA in regular mode develop because of the interactions in with the teachers and there peers in the college .
    • The various companies also have an feeling that the people who are doing there degree in the correspondence mode are not up to the mark and hence they avoid to recruit them in an responsible positions even though they ave experience or they may be recruited in an position which is a notch below the position which he really deserves where as the student who has done his masters in business administration through the regular mode is highly sort after and he gets the more responsible roles and also is some times given positions higher than what he really deserves just because he has an masters degree in business administration through the regular mode
    • The masters course in business through the regular mode is considered as the real MBA and the correspondence course mba is considered just an degree to fill in the resume and having no real worth
    • The masters course in business administration is an degree which is really worth only for people who are not getting there promotions because of lack of an degree and hence they do the correspondence course spondence course in MBA and get there post graduation and hence get eligible to get the promotions which they were waiting for many years
    • also it had been seen that there is no big competitive examination to do an correspondence course where as to do an regular MBA course one has to give many examinations ,interviews and also pass an group discussion and hence the regular MBA students are the real cream and the ones who could not get through any examination and are failure every where generally go for the correspondence
    as far as the filed in which you should do the MBA course ,without any doubt in your mind you should go for an marketing filed because you already have an two years of experience in this filed and by changing the filed you are going to let this two years of valuable experience go to waste ,
    actually this two years of experience will get you an very good job and also you would be able to understand the various things thought in the marketing subject better than any other subjects that would be really helpful for you to perform well and get an good job after your MBA course during the campus placements

    some of the best colleges from were you can do this course in the country are :

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