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    Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    In 12th my subject is biology and in this time i am percuing BCA in final year from the V.B.S Purvanchal University,Jaunpur so what can i do after BCA,MBA or MCA?
    Plz choose one of them and also tell me some good privates college for the MBA or MCA in this cities-Banglore,Pune and Delhi.

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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    Its good that you are pursuing masters degree which will definitely enhance your profile and provide you good job opportunities.
    But when it comes to selection between two good streams then it is very difficuilt to choose the best.
    It is obvious that if you do your masters with MCA then you will have advantage because you have done your graduation with it but it is also an accepted fact that business is a field with lot of opportunities and knowledge.
    There are more chances in mba that you get a reputed job and a settled career .
    If you have confidence in yourself ,good communication skills and a good academic background then you should definitely switch to mba.
    I dont say that MCA is not good it may be good in some cases like purpose you are very good at programming and have obtained very good marks in your graduation than its obvious that you will do good in computer field .
    But if we talk in general terms then definitely mba has an upper hand
    .All the best.

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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    You may choose any course after your graduation because both of the courses are best according to the scope in India and abroad but if you want to stay in India and then you must prefer for MCA but if you want to get job abroad then you must go for MBA because there are lot of opportunities for you to get placed after MBA in Abroad and India also and there would be a huge payout for you after MBA if you do it with concentration but you are from computer stream then you must go for MCA to keep your study further in relevant stream and there are lot of opportunities for you after MCA but i would like to say that you must go for MBA if you want to earn more.

    All the best

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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    It is good to see that you are interested in the higher studies.Its a common doubt for the graduate students to opt any one course between the two.Both MBA and MCA course are the good master degree course.The scope in the future is also good of both courses in their own position.

    Choosing any course is depend on ones personal liking.It depends on the interest of the student to opt the course.Interest and personal liking towards the course varies from person to person.It is not same for all.

    If you are interested in the business and Management sector and want to bright your future in the Administration world then it will be the good decision that to opt the MBA course.But If you are not interested in this area and want to continue your study as previous then you can do the MCA course.There will be a feeling of at ease in this course.It is because you have studied your bachelor course as BCA which deals the knowledge of Computers and its applications and Programming.The MCA course also deals with the same but in quite detailed manner.

    The decision is depend on you.You can choose your course according to your interest.Think so well before any decision and Take your decision care fully.

    !!All the Best!!

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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    i completed bca i cant eligible for mca in my 2 level pattern.(i have no maths) my ambition is good teaching for engineering colleges.please tell me which course is best course of teaching line.

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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    First of all , I would like to congratulate you for opting for master degree.
    Because many of the students would like to earn and see money once completing their degree.
    This is the stage where you need to take a right decision, if you have a maximum thirst for working in the corporate world and you feel that you could sustain and face stiff competition, then select MBA.

    Because, MBA is not a degree but life education, which requires good communication ability, negotiation skills, leadership qualities etc to with stand in the corporate world.

    But if you are good in programming and you are a techno-savvy, then surely you have to select MCA.

    It all depends upon your personal interest my dear friend, our role stops here........

    all the very best for a bright career....

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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?


    It is really a nice decision of yours that you want to pursue Master degree after you graduation in BCA. First of all let me tell you that all the courses are important and has worth in some ways. There are pros and cons of every subject and hence you are the one who has to decide between the courses and i am sure you after reading the pros and cons of MBA and MCA you can easily make a decision.

    MBA :-

    cons :-
    1. Relatively high fees
    2. Job market is saturated now
    3. Only sales jobs are in plenty
    4. Tough entrance exam

    1. Easy to switch job in future
    2. Good job Opportunities
    3. Better career growth
    4. Good starting salary
    5. Less technical as compare to MCA.

    MCA :- It is also a two year course and the pros and cons of the course are as follows : -

    1. Pros :-

    1. Subject is related to what you have studied
    2. Less fees as compare to MBA
    3. Relatively easy entrance exam
    4. Competition is lesser

    Cons :-

    1. Less jobs
    2. Low starting salary
    3. Not many options available in switching the job
    4. Less progress in career.

    Based on these points you can decide what and where you have to go.

    Hope it will help


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    Re: Which is the best MBA or MCA after BCA?

    My friend,

    This case is totally depends upon you.I can just suggest you about the best but the choice is yours.MBA stands for Masters in business administrator and it is the post graduation course after any graduation degree with in any stream.

    MCA stands for Masters in computer application and it is also the post graduation degree after BCA.BCA is the good graduation degree and if you are expert in computers then you have to choose accordingly.

    Both have good scope but you can choose accordingly in which you have done your graduation.Your graduation plays an important role to choose one from these two.

    Thank u!!

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