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    Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE?

    Which branch of mba will be best after persuing b.tech(cse)?

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    Re: Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE?

    It is good to see your interest towards the MBA course.Dear aspirant generally after completing the bachelor course in engineering, students either opts the M.tech course or opts the MBA course as there Master degree course.
    Dear Aspirant MBA is very professional and dynamic course.MBA course is havung many specializations.Each specialization of this course is good.The scope and opportunity of each specialization is great in their own sector.

    Choosing any specialization is depend upon ones interest as well as liking towards the specialization.It is not same for everyone, while it varies from person to person.
    You can choose the specialization on the basis of your likeness and personal liking.You can choose your specialization on the basis of your previous stream.I am listing below the specialization in the MBA course , you can see below and can opt accordingly.

    Specialization in MBA course :
    => MBA in Executive <=

    => MBA in Marketing <=

    => MBA in Finance <=

    => MBA in General management <=

    => MBA in Global management <=

    => MBA in Health Care <=

    => MBA in Hospitality and Tourism <=

    => MBA in Human Resources <=

    => MBA in Industrial management <=

    => MBA in Consumer Behavior <=

    => MBA in Criminal Justice <=

    => MBA in e-Business <=

    => MBA in Education <=

    => MBA in Engineering <=

    => MBA in Entrepreneurship <=

    => MBA in Information Technology <=

    => MBA in International Trade and Business <=

    => MBA in Knowledge management <=

    => MBA in Leadership <=

    => MBA in Marketing <=

    => MBA in Media <=

    => MBA in Nonprofit and Government <=

    => MBA in Operations and Logistics <=

    => MBA in Organizational <=

    => MBA in Risk Management <=

    => MBA in Sport management <=

    => MBA in Systems <=

    => MBA in Technology management <=

    => MBA in Telecommunications <=

    => MBA in Interior designing <=

    !!! Best of Luck !!!

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    Re: Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE?

    List of the Best MBA specialization for MBA Degree-

    1.Agribusiness Management
    2.Aviation Management
    3.Banking Management
    4.Accounting Management
    5.Biotechnology Management
    6.Brand Management
    7.Business Administration Management
    8.Business Management Health Care
    9.Clinical Research Management
    10.Construction Management
    11.Economics Management
    12.Fashion Designing
    13.Finance Management
    14.Health Care Management
    15.Hospital Administration .
    16.Hospitality Management
    17.Hotel Management
    18.Human Resource Management
    19.Informations Technology
    20.Infrastructure Management
    21.Insurance and Risk Management Tourism
    22.Marketing Management .
    23.International Business
    25.Materials Management
    27.Oil and Gas
    28.Operations Management
    29.Personnel Management
    30.Petroleum Studies
    32.Public Relations
    33.Real Estate
    34.Retail Management
    35.Rural Management
    36.Sales and Marketing
    37.Supply Chain
    38.Tourism Management

    You have completed B-Tech in CSE department so best specialization for you is " IT " .

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    Re: Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE?


    Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE-----------------

    1.MBA in Leadership
    2.MBA in Global management
    3.MBA in Consumer Behavior
    4.MBA in Marketing
    5.MBA in Education
    6.MBA in Human Resources
    7.MBA in Information Technology
    8.MBA in Technology management
    9.MBA in Operations and Logistics

    Nice to help you...................

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    Re: Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE?


    Best branch in MBA after B.Tech. in CSE---------------

    1.MBA in Human Resources
    2.MBA in Executive
    3.MBA in Global management
    4.MBA in Criminal Justice
    5.MBA in Finance
    6.MBA in Entrepreneurship
    7.MBA in Marketing
    8.MBA in Information Technology .

    Hope the information helps for you....................

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