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    Benefits to pursue MBA in Hospital Administration?

    hello,i completed my bsc nursing and also i have 2 years 6 months of ICU experience .Now i want to do MHA (MBA in hospital administration) .How it helps me in good future?

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    Re: Benefits to pursue MBA in Hospital Administration?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    hello,i completed my bsc nursing and also i have 2 years 6 months of ICU experience .Now i want to do MHA (MBA in hospital administration) .How it helps me in good future?

    Hospital Management College With the growing importance of hospital industry in providing health care to people across the country, hospital management courses are also becoming popular.You can look forward to a career in health related sectors, private or public. You can also work in hospitals, clinics, old age homes, medical colleges and in state health department.

    Over one-half of all jobs in this field are in hospitals. The remainders are in home health agencies, medical and dental laboratories, offices of dentists and other practitioners, and other health and allied services. New graduates with Master's degrees in health services or hospital administration may start as assistant hospital administrators, or as managers of non-health departments, like finance.

    Post-graduate residencies and fellowships are offered by hospitals and other health facilities; these are normally staff jobs. Graduates from Master's degree programmes also take jobs in hospitals, large group medical practices, clinics, mental health facilities, and multifacility nursing home corporations. Health service managers advance by moving into more responsible and higher paying positions such as assistant or associate administrator and finally, CEO, or by moving to larger facilities.

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    Re: Benefits to pursue MBA in Hospital Administration?

    Mba in hospital management is the right choice for an candidate who wants to explore best career opportunities in health management and hospitals.. There are many opportunities in hospitals where its very important to mange the hospitals as doctors are busy with operations,clinical practices and they are not responsible for any work relating to maintenance and organisation of multi super speciality hospital.. As you know in u.s all the hospitals have good management all the money transactions organisation of hospital are done in organised manner..
    the benefits of mha degree is:
    1.health care industry is developing extensively in india upto to good level as health care is priority concern these days.. You will be payed more this is not dependent on markets ,recession its unaffected and risk free job but you have to deal with your management skills upto the true potential of yours..
    2. There is less competition because many people lack knowledge on the hospital administration as they feel that health care industry will not be beneficial there are wrong hospitals and health care sector contribute about $11 million in india grossly per month you will be employed with pharmaceutical companies hospitals and health care organisation companies.
    3.health care industry is bigger than it sector because many software companies are doing projects like united health group does many projects in terms of managing best medical transactions and many health care products.
    4. Doing the mha degree will help you get sense of responsibility and level of managerial skills that develop you as an executive manger level that will enable you to run hospitals..
    demand of health care and hospital administration degree and job opportunity:
    the sense of importance of administration in health care industry is growing like anything because the delivery of emergency and functionary of managing emergency rooms and operations schedules and medical administration is required you will find good positions as administrative officer who will head the management of the hospital.
    future of mha degree holders:
    for sure your degree is very valuable in market in india and overseas as well.. Your career is flexible as you have said that you have done you nursing after you get your degree in mha then you can be appointed as administrative officer of nurse faculty, you can choose other network as well as network of operations or manager role of entire hospital but that needs an experience of atleast 8 years..
    Role played by hospital administrative officers:
    Entire hospital will be run on your decisions and the fate of hospital as well if you take this a challenge then the hospital will get more profits.. Good doctors cannot maintain their work and schedule they need mha administrators for maintaining their operations as well you can employ the staff and doctors to ensure best services that hospital will have to render it to the people who look for best treatment all th best

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    Re: Benefits to pursue MBA in Hospital Administration?

    Yes it is a very good option. As you have practical experience in the same field you will be going to learn alot.Before joining an institution youmust visit website of the university to check the institution on theground of year of establishment, growth rate, faculty profile,courses offered, curriculum and pedagogy, fee structure andscholarship, placements and international tie-ups. Some other Good Universities you canthink of is Lovely Professional University, Sharda University andAmrita University.

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