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    Benefits of MBA after doing B.Pharma.?

    how it is to do mba through b.pharm have compltd my 12th in science without bio

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    Re: Benefits of MBA after doing B.Pharma.?

    If you have done B.Pharma degree then M.Pharma degree will be good for you. MBA is the management degree in which you cannot do your technical job or medicine related technical job.

    But if You have to go for Management line or Managerial post in any Medicine company then you can do MBA in HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT or MBA in HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT.

    Mainly now a days MBA in Healthcare management is in the top in corporate sector. You have to go for Business line in Hospitals, Nursing Home, Medicine company etc. You can get Administrative posts or Managerial posts in any Hospital through this degree.

    You can go for any other field if you want like Finance, Marketing, HR etc. and you can do MBA in these fields also. But if you only want to go for MBA which is related to Pharma degree then you should do MBA in Healthcare Management.

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    Cool Re: Benefits of MBA after doing B.Pharma.?

    dear friend,

    For getting in to MBA, it requires any bachelor's degree. Let it be B.Pharm, BBA, B.Com, B.Sc etc. This is because if you are best in management and really interested, you can do it from any course and also not require to go for MBA. Management is not deal with the subjects but it is related with free flow of ideas and innovations.

    Any company or industry let it be pharmaceutical or any other requires management specialist for the growth of particular firm.
    It means that MBA selected after Pharmacy or any other course is not different at all although MBA has different branches or types. It is not so that MBA will definitely going to help you in the future as it depends on your interest and ability. But the major advantage of MBA after B.Pharm is, one can get more preference than other because suppose pharma-company requires management expert and pharmacy expert. It has to appoint two posts (B.Ph and MBA) for that but if they are appointing MBA with pharmacy, they can get two in one combination. And also it will beneficial for company that they have to pay for only one person.

    hope this answer will help you a lot..........


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    Re: Benefits of MBA after doing B.Pharma.?


    I must say it is a very good step of yours that you are planning for MBA after your B.Pharma. See now a days competition has increased so much and only those candidates are surviving which has some thing extra in terms of knowledge or something extra then rest of the candidates. So there is no need to tell you that if you are going for MBA then you will get an edge over other B.Pharma candidates and also the area of your reach will also increase along with your knowledge so that is why i was saying that it is a good step of yours for opting for MBA.

    I have listed down many benefits that you are going to get if you choose MBA.

    1. You will get an advantage of an extra degree
    2. MBA degree course are so up to date that you get all knowledge about the recent Business environment
    3. You will get management expertise that will help you in getting higher posts
    4. Pharma Companies are hiring MBA graduates
    5. MBA candidates get more salary and perks as compare to other candidates
    6. You will get faster promotions

    Requirement of MBA :-

    1. A Degree is a must
    2. Degree must be done from a recognized university
    3. No subject barrier
    4. Minimum percentage required in graduation is 50%.

    Hope it will help


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    Re: Benefits of MBA after doing B.Pharma.?

    Mba is a management course and after doing this you will be able to get a very good job in your department.as you have done b.pharma course and want to do mba course then if you do this course then you will surely get better salary.thank you

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    Re: Benefits of MBA after doing B.Pharma.?


    You should be choose a better course that's means you have to apply only MBA course After you have to complete B. Pharma

    >> MBA is a Following information are more useful

    >> MBA is a finance course

    >> MBA is a Marketing course

    >> MBA is a business course

    >> MBA is a Hotel management course

    >> MBA is a Bank manager course

    >> >> MBA is as Finance and mix management course

    >> I hope this information are very useful and i think you will apply in MBA course After read my instruction

    That's it


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