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    Benefits of M.Tech course after B.Tech course?

    I m doining job in public sector last 2.5 yrs, which course executive mba or part time mba or fulltime mba or part time m.tech or regulat m.tech course will be benificial for me, kindly give me answer of the question?

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    Re: Benefits of M.Tech course after B.Tech course?

    See it all depends on u ..if u r really interested in ur subjects n want to know them better so that u can apply some more skills to get ur works n projects done ,I feel u shud go for m.tech …or if want to just take a break from the graduation subjects n just start managing how the things are done or goals accomplished in ur firm ,surely go for MBA…..
    Part tym courses are just fine ,but they shudnt be correspondence,because u know today universities just go on imparting correspondence degrees to students without any proper guidance n coaching so that kind of degree doesn’t really hold a value …..
    If I were to state to u the benefits of pursuing an M.tech degree ,I wud give a book full of advantages ….but am gonna discuss some important ones here rite now :
    The biggest reason to go for M.tech is that it is the best way to get higher job positions in a short time
    1)M.tech is advantageous to MBA because in this ,you will get more insight into the subjects as this time you are mature enough to understand the subjects.
    2)This is a world of specialization …anyone can do jobs in finance but only a few wud be there u can actually work with the core subjects …
    3)In short ,if u always thought of doing a highly respected, high paid job and a job where u have more control to do things that u like ,M.tech is a perfect option for u …..think smart ,excel in ur own field ….

    Ol d best !

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    Re: Benefits of M.Tech course after B.Tech course?

    You shouldn't have confusion between Mtech and MBA, as both of them are very different from each other.
    If you are still interested in technical field, then Mtech would be better choice.
    But if you are thinking about MBA,
    MBA executive is exclusively for working professionals, so definitely good for you. You could get quick promotion.

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    Re: Benefits of M.Tech course after B.Tech course?

    Dear friend

    You have to make your choice
    MBA and mtech are different lines

    One is related to management field and the latter is based on technical studies

    If you want to work in the technical line or research line it will be better if you go for Mtech since you have already work experience in technical field.

    But if you want to work in managerial field toy can go for some technical management streams like

    Energy management
    Telecom management
    Industrial management etc

    These kind of courses will be beneficial and will boost up your career


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