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    Beneficial courses before MBA?

    i am doing mechanical engg. As aftr this i want to join my fathers buisness so i dnt want to go for mba rite now so are there any other courses which i can opt for. Like the ones which can prove to be beneficial in our sheet metals buisness?

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    Re: Beneficial courses before MBA?

    Hello dear

    It is a good to see that you are interested in your fathers business and questions regarding that particular area .Before doing MBA there are many courses .But you said that you are interested in doing courses that are related to the MBA before taking that course as you can help your fathers business.

    If you really want to help him then take the course in a such way before graduation by joining courses such as BBA,BBM in any relevant category such as finance,business,marketing which will help you in guiding the skills related to business aspects so that you are interested in doing the course and after completion of your graduation you can really help your father in business matters if you dont want to take MBA course after completion of graduation and if again if you want to do MBA in higher level then with the help of this graduation certificate that you have above should be aggregate of 50% and for the lower caste such as 45% for the sc/st.Even final year students are also eligible for applying for the course by writing the entrance test such as CAT,MAT,XAT,CMAT,GMAT,ATMA,JFET etc..

    By the time if you think that you want to complete your higher level studies by doing MBA then complete it moreover you have work experience so it will added as a extra curricular activity and give you nice chance for you to do this course.You can take any type of courses in you graduation such as arts,commerce,economics,BBA,B.Com,B.Sc ,B.E etc but you said that you want to help your father in business issues without completion of your graduation so in my opinion you betetr take streams like finance ,marketing,sales,executive in BBA that is related to the course in order to give you eligibility to help your father in business issues

    After that if you think that you are interested in then you can go for higher studies in MBA by based upon the circumstances and if you are interested there are various types of streams for the candidates to undertake the course such as

    travel and tourism
    airline management
    aviation management
    hospital management
    hotel management
    health care management
    logistics and operations

    so many are there if you wanted to do the courses that you are interested to do and also basing upon the situations and top B SChool wise and money matters it depends.

    Best of luck.........

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    Re: Beneficial courses before MBA?

    Hi !!
    As you are asking for the MBA branch that helps you in your Father business its good that you taking interest in father business .

    First of all you must try to get good percentage in your graduation
    than you crack the exams like CAT ,MAT ,XAT etc .

    After that take Admission in any recognised college and take that
    branch only that helps you in your business in future
    Branches like Finance ,Marketing ,sales and retail , Acounting E-Commerce,etc.....

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    Re: Beneficial courses before MBA?


    Beneficial courses before MBA

    1.Hospital management
    2.Hotel management
    3.Health care management

    All the best..............

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    Re: Beneficial courses before MBA?

    If you want to join the business of your father then I would like to suggest you that you help your father but there is one more better way is that you enter in professional field after completing all the qualifications that are necessary for business and good knowledge about business and management is only possible after completing MBA because this will give you complete and detailed knowledge about business and if you once complete with concentration and good percentage marks then job opportunities will be there so much and if you are not interested in MBA and want to complete another course for business then you should not worry and just keep continue in business and for that you can take admission in one year management program that is either diploma or post graduation diploma but everything depends on you and there are some other executive and online and short term courses provided by various colleges that are helpful in business management so you can complete and learn about modern business and its management so that would be good for you to handle own business

    All the best

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