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    BCA or B.Sc. Computer Science before MBA?

    Hi, i have completed my 12th and I want to do MBA in future.. but which is much suitable and has more value for it, Bsc comp. science or BCA.... Pls help me

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    Re: BCA or B.Sc. Computer Science before MBA?

    Any course we can take before doing MBA because for the qualification of mba one should be eligible afetr he/she completed his graduation with a minimum of 50% aggregate and for sc/st it is 45%.BCA means bachelor of computers application and B.Sc
    means bachelor of science in computerscience both are equally same and they are graduate programmes but the thing is that when compared with BCA and B.Sc, B.Sc is greater and more scope is there for that .so almost both are equal only anything we can take depending upon your interest we should choose the stream and try to concentrate more on that matter of getting into mba seat by writing the entrance test as i listed above.

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    Re: BCA or B.Sc. Computer Science before MBA?


    Congrats for your 12th completion.I really appreciate you for clear decision .

    Computer related field has UG in B.E ,B.Tech and also others . If you are specific on B.Sc.Comp.Sci or BCA ,then let me tell you that both lie on same platform .There may be mild difference in subjects and projects you handle.To exist in computer line, you need to aware of updation about latest technologies in this particular area and have wide knowledge .

    After UG, choose right specialization in MBA related to computer field like , Systems, INformation Technology, Telecommunication,etc.This will help you for your career growth.

    Good luck for your bright future.

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    Re: BCA or B.Sc. Computer Science before MBA?

    B.Sc Computer Science
    BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) '

    Both these courses are computer related graduation courses with the duration of 3 years.

    First know the purpose why you want to do MBA course.

    Decide upon the industry in which you want to make entry after completion of MBA course.

    If you want to get into software field,

    then I suggest you not to opt for any of the above mentioned courses.

    Instead do opt for B.Tech course in Computer Science or Information Technology.

    Then you can get job easily in the software field.

    After completion of B.Tech, along with doing job also you can do MBA course.

    That is not a problem at all.

    If your intention is not to make entry into software field and you want to look for job on the basis of specialization that you are going to opt for in MBA course, then join the course in Graduation in accordance to that.

    The reason why I am suggesting this for you is, you will be having good platform.

    If you opt for BCA in Graduation and later if you choose Finance in MBA, then there won't be much use of that for you.

    This is why I am suggesting this.

    You have plenty of time in your hand now.

    Make the wise decision and have fruitful career.

    Wish you all the best.

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