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    BBA or B.Tech. before MBA?

    I am currently doing Entc engg. and i am in 2nd yr.
    The situation is like.. ENTC engg is kind of difficult for me. I am already getting a year down this yr because of extra backlogs, which implies it'll take another 3 years for me to complete engg.
    I'm solid on my plans for MBA after my engg. So now since three years are required for me to complete engg, SHOULD I LEAVE ENGG AND GET ADMITTED INTO BBA? It'll also take 3 yrs plus it is comparitively easier and less mindfucking unlike engineering.
    the question is.. SHOULD I LEAVE ENGG FOR BBA? Need to decide now.
    P.s. In the end, I want to do mba after my grads.
    Job prospects are almost same for engg mba and bba mba?

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