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    BBA or B.Com. to do MBA in Finance?

    Which Option is better BCom or Bba before pursuing MBA in finance?

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    Re: BBA or B.Com. to do MBA in Finance?

    Hello Friend,

    BBA or B.COM both are equally good undergraduate degree. It's upto you to decide which course is suited for you.
    But, you must remember your undrgraduate percentage should be 50% or above otherwise you will not not be able
    to sit for top level MBA entrance exams such as CAT/XAT etc. MBA Finance demands good command over basic math
    and statistics so you must enhance your math and statistical skills. You need to habe a good understandings of the
    Mutual Fund
    Good knowledge of stock market functions

    MBA Finance is superb combination so you can chose either B.COM or BBA as undergraduate

    Take Care!

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    Re: BBA or B.Com. to do MBA in Finance?


    Both the courses are very good course which you can choose as your graduation course. Both are of 3 year duration too and also both are equally popular among various students in India. As per the qualification of MBA both the courses are acceptable for the course of MBA so it does not matter at all whether you go for B.com or BBA if you are dedicated enough to do MBA in future.

    But if you have decided that have to do MBA in Finance only then the best option that i would suggest to you is that you should go for B.com. The reason why i am saying you to prefer B.com is :-

    1. Finance is less Theory based and more practical so B.com would help you more
    2. Many subjects like Accounts, Taxation etc are common in both the courses so it would help you more.
    3. BBA is more focused on Management so if you are going for any specialization other then finance then BBA would be good otherwise go for B.com

    All the best

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    Re: BBA or B.Com. to do MBA in Finance?

    you wanna do MBA in finance so it will be better for you if you take B.COM, because doing B.com you come to know many things about finance which will help you in future..
    you also take BBA but in my opinion B.com is better option....so, select the best for you....

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