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    Aims of disaster Management?

    what are the aims of disaster management?

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    Re: Aims of disaster Management?

    Hello Friend ,


    Definition of Disaster Management

    "Disaster management" can be defined as the range of activities designed to maintain control over disaster and emergency situations and to provide a framework for

    helping at-risk persons
    to avoid or recover from the impact of the disaster. Disaster management deals with situations that occur prior to, during, and after the disaster .

    The Objectives of Disaster Management

    The objectives of disaster management are:

    > > To reduce or avoid the human, physical, and economic losses suffered by individuals, by the society, and by the country at large ,

    > > To reduce personal suffering ,

    > > To speed recovery ,


    For more info , please see the PDF file that i have uploaded for you ....

    HOPE IT HELPS .....

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    Re: Aims of disaster Management?

    Aims of the "Disaster managements"

    1. Protects humanbeings from disaster like,earthquakes,volcanic erruptions,fire,tsunamiss etc..

    2. creat a scean of awareness among people regarding disaster.

    3. To provide knowledge about how to protect themselves on the time of disaster.

    4. Handle the problems carefullly.

    5. To reduce damage which results from Disasters.

    6. For providing Recovery options.


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