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    Fee structure of MBA in Airlines & Airport Management?


    I compleated +2 in bio-science I wish to take mBA Airline & Airport Mng. So please reply me about its fees

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    Re: About fees

    hello guest. First i tell you that fee structure for all type of MBA are same. It is about 6000 per semster in govt. Institue and it is about 40,000 in private institue. And if you are +2 pass than firstly you have to go for BBA or simple graduation. Bevause you cant go directly for MBA. Best of luck for future. Good bye.

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    Re: About fees

    what t
    he procedure te
    ment? get govt colleges for mba airport and airline managr

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    Re: About fees

    Hello dear,
    Your questions is not clear,because you have not enter the name of college about which you wants to know.
    Or what types of fees you wants to know:there are so many courses in India and all have their own fee stucture also the institutes has been divided on the basis of govt and private sector,
    Govt colleges have some diffrent fee structure and private colleges have some different fee structure.
    So you will have to enter the name of partivcular one about which you wants to know;;;;;;;

    Hope you are getting my points.


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